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You Have a Story to Tell

I haven’t posted in a while...here’s why.

Almost every day I feel like I’m not good enough. I mean, what could I possibly say that you would want to read? Why bother making a design when there are so many better graphic designers out there? Each time I create a post on social media, I go through this internal battle with myself: "Why post this? It's nowhere near good enough. Just forget it. Hit cancel and walk away." Before each photoshoot, I get nervous and during the shoot I can't help but feel like I'm screwing it up. Then I get back to the car, flip through the photos, and immediately fall in love with the shots I got. Why? Why do I put myself through such torture? Feelings of inadequacy? Fear?

They always say, "don't compare yourself to others," but with social media making everyone so accessible (which, don't get me wrong, can be a good thing), each day is a struggle. But, I know how to get through it.

1. People only show you what they want to be seen.

We as humans have this societal mindset to appear successful. Vulnerability is a weakness. Sharing your struggles is a way to become an easy target, so it only makes sense that we share the highlights and that's it. The good parts get seen and the not so good parts stay hidden. When you're comparing yourself to others, you're putting your bad against their good and it just doesn't work. When you do that, you'll always feel inadequate. It's inevitable. So remember, you're only seeing what they want you to see. Stop comparing your bad to their good.

2. You have something unique to offer.

Only you can tell your story. Yeah, there may be others out there who YOU think are better than you, but they're not YOU. Someone is looking for exactly what you can give them, and if you don't share your skills and talents, how will they ever know about you? In the creative industry, everything is subjective. As they always say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So go get your stuff seen!

3. Think less on competition and more on complimenting.

THIS. Social media isn't about who wore it better. It's about connections. Relationships. Use it to build each other up, instead of tearing yourself down. That person you've been comparing yourself to? Be there for them in their victories! Someone you know just got engaged and you're still hoping to meet the right person? Don't let jealousy get ahold of you! Be happy for them! They found their love at the right time in their life, and you will too. We all gotta start somewhere.

Ready to have your #mindblown? Someone is comparing themselves to you, wishing they had just a little bit of what you have to offer. No joke. So keep fighting that fear and stop feeling inadequate. YOU are important. YOU have a story to tell.

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