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Make Your Ideas Come to Life

I'm sure by now you've heard of the band, OK Go. Maybe you've heard about their insanely creative approaches to recording their music videos—dancing on treadmills, floating in zero gravity, or taking 4.2 seconds and slowing it down to create a full-length music video.

What you probably don't know about OK Go, is not only are they incredibly creative, but they also have embraced the spirit of collaboration. None of these videos were possible if they didn't come together with other creatives to make the unimaginable happen. Case in point, their latest video for their song, Obsession. Check it out below. (Make sure to watch it in 1440p HD to get the full effect.)

Just watching the video by itself, you are left with this, "How in the world did they do that?!" feeling in your gut. Maybe your jaw dropped open in awe like mine did. Either way, this video is a product of some incredibly talented musicians, artists, choreographers, etc., all collaborating together to create art. The inspiration came from Double A paper company who, in my opinion, made an excellent marketing decision to donate their paper stock to the band so they could make an art project out of it. Watch the video below to see behind-the-scenes on this creative endeavor.

This is what happens when creatives come together and work toward a common goal.

Let's say you have this awesome idea that you just can't seem to get off the ground...bring it to the people who can! You may not know anything about graphic design, but you've been stashing your ideas away, scribbled on notes and pinned to Pinterest boards, just hoping one day you'll get to bring them to life. Make that day today! Don't be afraid to share your ideas with other people and work together to make them come true. I promise, you'll be blessed by the outcome.

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